Wieland Motion

Wieland Motion Features the REVOLUTION, the Only Helm Chair With Motorsport DNA
With over 40 years of design, engineering, and manufacturing in the furniture and automotive industries it was only natural to expand our client portfolio to incorporate marine. Our in-house, award-winning design and engineering team is capable of taking your idea and seeing it through every stage of the production process.
PRODUCTS Helm Chairs, Pontoon Kits
FEATURES Highly Customizable Solutions for Any Product Type
APPLICATIONS Pontoon Boats, Power Boats, Fishing Boats

Logic Furniture

Refreshing Healthcare Furniture
For over 20 years, Logic Healthcare has proudly serviced hospitals and clinics with furniture designed specifically for patients and caregivers. Our complete line of patient room, waiting area, and café seating is engineered for high-use, maximum comfort and functionality.

Our collection of upholstered seating is engineered to provide safety and comfort to patients through ergonomic design while offering integrated technologies to stay in touch with loved ones. Designed with safety in mind, our products are built for mobility and cleanability. Logic products offer innovative features to help in the battle against infection control, including a unique coating process which reduces entry points and risk of HAIs.

PRODUCTS Recliners, Sofas, Sleepers, Pediatrics
FEATURES Most Products Feature Power and Storage Capabilities
APPLICATIONS EDU Infirmaries, Corporate Office Recovery and Wellness, Lounges, Patient Rooms


Furniture is More Than a Place to Sit, it Evokes Emotion and Draws People Together
SIXINCH is more than furniture, it’s an experience. Every product we bring to market has its own unique story that has been researched and designed with our strict collaborative brand standards in mind.

In 2013, SIXINCH founders Peter Jamart and Michel Sels partnered with Wieland Designs. Wieland Designs, a well-respected company in the furniture industry, expanded the footprint for one of the most talked about furniture brands in the world. The name SIXINCH comes from the space between our ears, a mere 150mm wide, or six inches.

PRODUCTS Seating, Tables, Acoustics, Lighting
FEATURES COM Capabilities, Indoor and Outdoor Options, Customs
APPLICATIONS Behavioral Health, Children, Contract/Office, Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, Outdoor