Our Story

  • Established in 1976
  • 200+ employees
  • Located in Goshen, Indiana
  • Sewing capacity to produce enough seats for two Boeing 737s per DAY

Cliff Wieland founded Wieland Designs in 1976 as a manufacturer of automotive seats for the van-conversion industry, with a cultural foundation built on a strong and deep Christian faith. Wieland Designs quickly became known for our high quality results and focus on engineering. Since then, we have expanded into manufacturing furniture, healthcare, and airline seating.

Today, we are the foremost designer and contract manufacturer of furniture for the health care, corporate, and residential markets, as well as seating for the automotive and airline industries. We are both ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified. We also direct our own brands, with Logic Furniture serving the hospitality market since 2005 and SIXINCH serving the North American commercial market since 2013.

We believe customer success begins with a deep and productive relationship that goes beyond the traditional supplier/customer experience. We proactively collaborate with customers to strategically plan and define a product roadmap. We have a proven our abilities to help both large and small customers create products that are unique, special, and world-class. We accomplish this through highly accountable yet flexible systems that are adapted to meet the needs of each customer. At Wieland Designs, we don't believe in a "one size fits all" approach.