Our Capabilities

2D & 3D Prototyping

See how your design looks before starting full scale production. Using CAD files, we can rapidly output a 100% accurate, full size prototype of the final design in the proper material.

Through our 2D and 3D design and prototyping, we can achieve the look that you want and expect. Some of the advantages and benefits of working closely with our engineers inlcude:

  • Sketching or 3D modeling
  • Accurate pattern making

2D Patterning

With 2D patterning, we are able to develop, provide, and control drawings of all parts on your behalf. This ensures that your custom design can be repeatedly manufactured to your high standards. As part of our process, we develop control drawings that allow various textitles and leathers, each with a different stretch factor, to be accurately cut on our Gerber CNC cutting machines. We also maintain specific production instructions and bills of material for each and every unit that includes:

  • Critical dimensions
  • Part number and bill of material isting
  • Revision history
  • Assembly sequence
  • Material placement specifications

Precision Leather Cutting

The Gerber CNC technology we utilize for leather cutting allows the hide, and its natural flaws (scars, bites, etc.) to be digitized, allowing for a higher level of material utilization and lower waste. Our precision leather cutting machines ensure that our patterns are cut to exacting standards.

Precision Textile Cutting

Precision cutting means repeatable perfection in every pattern - without guesswork, rework, or retrimming. Our Gerber CNC cutters maximize material utilization. Our controls also provide you with excellent order processing and scheduling.

Our cutting machines produce quality products in any volume, no matter the size, detail, or thickness of the material - which means we can cut multiple pieces at once with greater parts flexibility. 

RF & Ultrasonic Welding

With high-frequency ultrasonic acoustic vibrations, we have the ability to create a fabric-to-fabric seam without a single stitch. That means no bolts, staples, nails, or adhesives binding materials together, just a seamless weld that's ideal for furniture applications. This process is especially important in the healthcare setting where seams could gather debris and bacteria. This system creates an easy to clean surface and allows for aesthetically pleasing designs. 

Complex Embroidery

We have the ability to make any piece of furniture or upholstery truly one of a kind. With our state-of-the-art embroidery equipment and the ability to use digital files, we can employ eight-at-a-time production with a total of 15 needles available at each station. Embroider your brand name, logo, or personalized design with the quality of hand crafted stitiching. If you have and unlimited imagination, we have unlimited design capabilities. 

Artwork Debossing

The surfaces of your furniture or seating concepts have the power to truly make an impression with debossing. To add a level of distinction to any element, we can heat-press your brand name, logo, or custom design - such as a pattern or texture - onto leather. We strive to offer you every possible outlet for creating a unique, high-quality product in small or large production runs.

Thermal Lamination

Whether highly durable leather or light, soft, fine textiles, we can thermal laminate your upholstery materials with our state-of-the-art MultiStar DX fusing machine. Thermal lamination protects materials from heat, wear, moisture, and even bacteria; reduces wrinkling and leather movement on seating surfaces; and helps leather and textiles retain their shape better and longer. We can also laminate specific pieces to create a finished product that has a :soft touch" for user comfort.