Whether you need a product created and manufactured for a specific market or have an outside-developed design that needs to be brought to a manufactured state, Wieland Designs has the design, engineering, supply chain, manufacturing, and account support staff to bring your vision to life.



Home is where the heart is - and our hearts are in the creation of each piece we design and manufacture. We make every living environment more comfortable with pieces built to last and built to please the eye.

Office and Commercial

Leading-edge design and comfort in our working environments go a long way toward creating a positive mental attitude and fostering productivity. We make the hours you spend at the office and in commercial environments comfortable and enjoyable.


As a shopper, you decide where to decide where to dine, sleep, and relax based partly on appearance especially in regards to quality and level of service. At Wieland, we understand that - and we work to deliver the highest quality and level of service in all products we create. 

We craft comfortable, attractive, and well-built furniture designed for the high traffic nature of the hospitality business, so  your guests can enjoy every experience with total relaxation.


The healthcare experience can be impacted by the design of the clinical environment. The right furniture can help patients and family members have positive physical and emotional outcomes. Our healthcare furniture is designed to provide as much comfort as possible during these times, so the only thing patients and families need to focus on is healing. With our ISO 13485 designation, our customers can trust in our comprehensive management system for the design and manufacturing of furniture-based medical devices.

Pillows and Cushions

Retail Fixtures